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Sluice Box Build

ACME Industrial, out of Chattnooga TN, has been busy fabricating sluice boxes for the Army Corp of Engineers.  When dredging a canal, for example, all of the mud and dirt has to go somewhere.  In this case, the sediment is pumped into these boxes which can stack up to 26 feet tall.  Boards can slide into the grooves on the sides to deremine exactly how much sediment these sluice boxes will hold.

The pipe on the end will hook to the dicharge of the dredge, and as it fills up, the sedament will come to the bottom.  Once filled, the boxes can be taken elsewhere to rot. Check out the video below to see our team fabricating these beauties, then click the "Read More" button to see some photos of our work.



ACME Celebrates its Safety Record

ACME Industrial recently celebrated an entire quarter without accident or injury at our quarterly safety meeting.

Our CEO, Jim Bailey, announced our current EMR, or Experience Modifier Rate, is .71 – significantly less than average.  The EMR is determined based off of insurance claims filed.  Since ACME maintains a .71, that means our premiums are 71% of the average for our industry – indicating a significantly good safety record.

A celebration wouldn’t be complete without gifts – so in addition to reviewing safety protocol, OSHA requirements, and best practices - ACME gave out gift cards to employees.

Tanker Vessels

This is a tanker truck recently repaired by ACME Industrial – a process we’ve become proficient at as we repair a number of these each year.  These tanks are typically used in the chemical and dairy industries, which we serve.

Our company has maintained ASME Code stamps for the past 35 years - allowing us to repair a plethora of items we wouldn’t otherwise be able to, such as pressure vessels.

Every three years ACME goes through a review process by the national board.  Part of this review involves building a demonstration vessel to prove our proficiency.  The fact we have the best welders in Chattanooga ensures our ability to continue ASME welding of pressure vessels such as this one.

ACME Industrial Christmas Celebration 2014


ACME Industrial wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!  In celebration of Christ's birth, we invite you to a Holiday Luncheon & Open House.

Date: December 18th, 2014

Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Location: Stratton Hall 3146 Broad St. Chattanooga, TN 37408

As special friends of ACME, we hope you will join us to celebrate this special time of year.



Hydro Vision 2014

Recently, ACME Industrial, LLC traveled from Chattanooga, TN to attended Hydrovision 2014 at the Nashville Music City Center.

"The HydroVision International Conference and Exhibition offers attendees countless opportunities to network, share best practices, meet with product and service providers, and more."http://www.hydroevent.com -

While there, we were able to network with likeminded industry professionals, and meet up with old friends and new clients alike.  Check out our exhibitor booth's photos below, and watch a short video containing testimonials from some of our partners and customers we caught up with at the convention!

See Pictures

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